Be the Change

ChangeI can’t seem to wrap my head around any of the shootings or bombings lately.  I am glad my mind can’t understand why someone would want to cause such pain in people’s lives. In each case innocent lives were taken because someone was angry, or sad or found pleasure in causing others pain. We pray constantly for those that are in pain, who lost loved ones, those who were faced front line with the tragedy; but do we ever stop and pray for those who are sick? The ones who are planning evil, sometimes I believe they need extra prayers too. I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I do see that there are a lot of angry people in this world and they seek attention, unfortunately the attention they keep getting is through these terrible tragedies.

Much of the news lately is filled with gun laws and eliminating access to certain weapons. Quite frankly people are going to find a way to cause this sort of destruction whether they have access to these materials or not. This shouldn’t be our focus. Our focus should be on changing the world we live in, by first changing ourselves.  Think about your day, how many times are you negative? You may hate your job, you may hate one of your superiors, maybe one of your customers, but is thinking badly about that person or is treating them badly helping the situation? We turn on the news and we hear about all the bad, how often do we hear about the good in the world?

I was teaching a yoga class last night and as I sat there in silence allowing my students to focus on their breath and cuing them to let go of any tension they were holding onto, I stopped for a moment and looked at how peaceful everyone was in that exact moment. I forgot for just a moment the immense amount of hate that has been going on in our world and for that moment I felt an incredible feeling of release and calm for myself and for my students. I walked out of the class feeling light and peaceful even though I knew that all just wasn’t right in the world, especially with the events in Boston. For a moment I was able to let go, and I hope my students were able to as well.

What I take away from all of this lately is that we shouldn’t dwell on the pain and the suffering. We should pray for the victims, but we should also pray for the people with hate in their heart. Offer up some sort of dedication or forgiveness to them in hopes that people will stop acting out with such terrible results. You can be the change in the world. Change your thinking, send an extra prayer out, smile at a stranger. Be the change you wish to see. This is our world, our community, only you can be the first step in change.

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