Be Still

Stop…… Just for a moment.

How difficult was that for you? How often are you just still? It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it can be the most powerful feeling.

This is how I end my classes. I tell my yoga students “be still just for a moment, give your body and your mind one minute of quiet, of silence, of stillness.” This can be really hard to do. I can tell which students are truly there in stillness and others that fight the quiet. To be still is completely rewarding for your body. It helps you recover, giving every muscle a little break. It also helps to give you that restart we often need in our chaotic lives.

I have noticed many teachers say this to their students. I am sure I picked it up from my training or my peers at some point because really it’s the most refreshing feeling that you have when you come out of that stillness.

I encourage you to find stillness with in your own body. Give yourself at least one minute, whether it is at the end of a workout or just sitting at your desk. Encourage yourself to be still. Let it help you to let go, to be refreshed.

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