I was looking through pictures last week from my work party in December. I am amazed by the transformation I have made since then. I have been on a beautiful journey the last two years. A journey finding myself and who I really  am in this world. The beautiful thing about life is it is always changing. We are a cycle of ups and downs. We live in a world full of choices, life is indeed what we make of it. We can let the negatives bring us down, or we can find the positive in light of sadness. Yoga has been a huge part of my transformation. I wouldn’t believe anyone if they told me my yoga practice and studies of the past two years would lead me to where I am right now. I am in complete awe of the transformation of mind and body. Most importantly I am in awe of who I am becoming and of the people that surround my life. I have had so many inspirational people come into my life lately. Surrounding yourself with these positive people can make a huge difference in your every day.


Recently a friend and I did a yoga photo shoot. We both did it for ourselves as a symbol of our own transformation. We each have our own story of what brought us to yoga. We are also both at very different steps of our journey. Each day brings something new and amazing. It is a journey I am happy to share with my friends and family so below I have included some of my favorite pictures from our shoot as well as a pic from last summer compared with now. I am finally feeling completely comfortable with who I am and not worrying what people think of me, just being true to myself. My goal is to share this with others in hopes of them being passionate about something in their life and being comfortable with who they are. Life is better when you are happy. Live life to the fullest and do everything you do with intention. Put a smile on your face and enjoy the photos. We had fun doing this!



I love this because it shows so much life. The world is always moving.

Summer 2012 and Spring 2013….


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