African Classroom – Bringing classrooms and educatoin to the children of South Africa

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel. Last year alone I went to Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, Okoboji, Iowa,  Nashville, Tennessee (road trip which means I traveled through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky); Maui, Hawaii (little stop through Arizona) and Denver again. The one thing that has stayed consistent is they have all been in the United States.

It has been one of my goals and dreams to travel and learn about the other countries around the world, but I have never set aside the time or the money for such adventures. I have also wanted to travel to other countries to do mission work or help a cause, such as bringing food, water, homes or schools to those who are less fortunate than what I was offered as a child. The time has come, I have finally decided to make an effort to go on a trip, outside of the country and do it for a great cause.

Last year I attended a fundraiser for Africa Classroom Connection. I was fascinated by what this organization does for the children of South Africa. By raising funds this organization provides classrooms, as well as books for the children of South Africa and Malawi.  My brother joined my aunt at this year’s fundraiser as I was unable to go with her and he too was interested in the organization. My aunt and I have decided that this would be a great trip for him to go on as she did the trip a few years back and was amazed by the things she learned, saw and the people she helped. Being that he is only 13 we decided he would need a responsible adult to join him, and lucky me I get to be the responsible one.

Over the next year Andrew and I will be raising money for our trip. We have set up an account to keep the money we raise. The trip is next August. The funds will help us to go on a tour of South Africa which includes the building of two new classrooms, enough for 80 students. The classrooms are actually built by the people in South Africa, which ultimately provides them with jobs in order to provide for their families.  Our tour will include visits to the schools that we have raised money to build with opportunities to meet the children and teach classes.  This trip will be an amazing way to learn about South African culture as well as a chance to see wildlife, Oh yes this trip will include a Safari!

Please stay tuned on ways you can help my brother and I move forward with this trip and raise funds to get us there!  I am excited to see the world in a new way while helping others!

If you would like more information about the program please visit

For more information please email me


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