When you wake up in the morning you begin your day with an expectation. It may be positive, it may be negative. I tend to start with an optimistic approach. I wake up expecting my day to be good. I expect to get to work on time (wasn’t the case today), I expect to make it through the day with minimal negativity. I expect to make it through the day.

We expect to excel in our jobs and to make enough money to pay our bills. So many expectations and they are constantly changing.  It is rare to focus specifically on your expectations, it tends to be just habit based on how you were raised or what you were taught in school. Your expectations could derive from how someone treated you, good or bad.

I am constantly thinking about my expectations. I have been single for almost two years and I recently began thinking that maybe my expectations are too high. Is that possible? Do we sometimes expect more than we deserve, or is it good that we do this so we don’t just settle? In the past I have just settled. I let myself become the other person and I didn’t listen to my own thoughts and feelings. We are expected to compromise in a relationship, but how much is too much before you completely step away from your self?

I have reflected on what I have been through in the past and I have decided it is better to have your own high expectations and to not settle outside of that. Relationships are best when you keep true to yourself. It allows you to be yourself within the relationship and it will allow for continued happiness. One of my favorite quotes I came across says “You know a relationship is right for you, it will enhance your life, not complicate it.” The truth is by having expectations you allow your self to live your happy.  Many of our emotions derive from our expectations. It is what makes us human each and everyday.  Without expectations life would be dull, people would be less happy and we would all settle for less than what we want.  Sometimes expectations can be negative. We can expect to always lose, always be last, or always be alone. But that is a complete mindset that certain people put on themselves. Changing your expectations towards positive ones can change your life. Expect to be happy. Expect the best.

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