Just Juice

Yesterday I began a 3 day cleanse. Nothing but juice for 3 days. I won’t lie, my head is playing many games with me. I keep thinking that I will die by only consuming juice, how could I possibly live without solid food?

Day one is in the books and I made it through the day.  No need for the extra snacks of fruits and veggies even. I survived on 6 juices. Happy Green, Deep Cleanse, The Ginger, Juicy Roots, Radiance and Green Milk & Tea so Good.  I drank them in that exact order too. ( You can find ingredients at www.juicesogood.com/juices/ )

I found that I was full all day yesterday. I had good energy and the only thing I really wanted was fruit or veggies and some chips and salsa (my weakness), but I didn’t cave because my body felt nourished.  During a cleanse it really is all about giving to your body, being good to your body and not quite over-exerting yourself.  So going to hockey last night may or may not have been the best thing. However I did notice I had a good amount of energy for the first hour and then I could tell I was getting tired. It was incredible considering I had only had 5 juices up until that point. I saved the Green Milk for after I was done. It was the perfect fit and quite refreshing after and hour and a half on the ice. (It was the last night of hockey and I drank the Green Milk while all my hockey pals drank beer). When I got home I got ready for bed and sipped on the Tea So Good. I was out right away, and slept very good!

I am finding the toughest part of the cleanse so far is when you are around people eating or enjoying an ice cold beer after hockey. Other than that I am feeling energized, I haven’t had any headaches and my body doesn’t feel weak.

Day 2 is off to a good start, but I am a little worried about teaching yoga sculpt tonight. I keep reminding myself  to take it easy and be gentle to myself. I already pushed myself once during the cleanse by going to hockey.  My fear is not being tired or weak during class, my fear is actually having that “yoga hunger” after class. I may have to add an extra juice to my day if that’s the case 🙂





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