Just Juice – Day 3

So I made it to day 3.  I honestly had doubt in my ability to not cave. I have had awesome encouragement from so many people on facebook. The private messages I received with encouragement and curiosity were awesome! I think a juice cleanse is something many people should try. The benefits are awesome. I have been most amazed at how satisfied my body has felt. I have juiced before, but I usually always ended my day with a solid meal.  This time I went all out. Just juice. I haven’t even felt the need to grab an avocado to snack on, which is allowed in this cleanse. If you fear the not eating part, listen in. Juice cleansing is NOT about depriving your body. It is quite opposite. It is about giving your body the nutrients that are needed to keep your body functioning how it is meant to function.  It is allowing your digestive system time to take a break and use that break to repair other things in your body. Basically a re-start to your system. Awesome right? Well I won’t lie, it was tough. Day 2 I wanted to cave, but I didn’t. It helped that I was doing it with friends and a lot of my yoga students. The encouragement was very helpful. What wasn’t so helpful was the people that don’t understand a cleanse and try to push not just solid food, but processed, not meant for our body food in your face. HA! I made it past your non-encouragement. So here is what I feel as I am cruising through Day 3:

What I have noticed

  • I have great energy.
  • My body just feels good.
  • I don’t own a scale, but I can imagine I have dropped a few pounds since my jeans and t-shirts are fitting loosely.
  • My skin looks like it is glowing.
  • I have been sleeping like a rock, and waking up with my alarm.
  • I have not felt super hungry in the morning like I usually do, and I feel completely satiated at night.
  • My teeth feel weird, gritty almost, because I haven’t been chewing anything (Not a fan of this part).
  • My body, stomach mostly has been making weird noises.
  • I always know to stay near a bathroom. All the liquids means many bathroom trips.
  • Drinking water as well is so important. I notice I only feel hungry when I am not keeping myself hydrated with water. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Please do me a favor and give back to your body. Try out a juice cleanse. Even if  it is for only one day. You are stronger than you think. It reminds me of when I have my students do planks in yoga sculpt. They don’t want to do them. Their body is strong enough, but their mind tells them to stop. Get through the mind game. You can do this. I did.


The 6 juices I have had each day Happy Green, Deep Cleanse, Juicy Roots, The Ginger, Radiance & Green Milk

I am excited to add food back in tomorrow. My body is craving health. I thought I would want a large pizza (which does sound kind of good), But I don’t think it would satisfy me. I went grocery shopping yesterday which was kind of funny. No solid foods in two days and I surrounded myself with aisles and aisles of food. But what was in my cart was good choices. Fresh veggies & fruits. Lean turkey. Nothing that has been processed and full of junk. Excited to eat healthier as I make a new start off of this cleanse.  I will also continue to keep these juices as part of my daily jump start.

When our brain tells us we are hungry it doesn’t mean you should over-do it at the local fast food joint. Feed your body the right stuff and you will feel full and have plenty of energy to live your life each day. Life is much easier when you feel great. Start from the inside.

xoxo, C

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