Wow. Where has the time gone. 2014 is flying. I have been terrible about posting. Life has been busy, full and rewarding. I spent most of August and the beginning of September in South Africa and Malawi. If you weren’t following my blog about that, please check it out.  I still have plenty to post there, but for now I am have been at a stand still transitioning back to life. I dove back in head first which was good and bad. I adjusted to the time change quickly, but my body did not adapt back to American food very well. I really had to eat clean the first week in order to actually keep anything in me. That really says something about the food we eat here wouldn’t you say? Because of this I have decided it’s a good time to keep my eating habits just as clean all of the time. I love to indulge, but to be honest the food here feeds my body much differently than the food I ate in Africa.

With that I need to jump back on the healthy eats train and start posting my recipes again. I miss trying to cook new things. Now that I am settled into my new place and I am back from my trip, nothing should stop me.

The other big thing is dating. I have given into dating sites. I decided I can’t knock them if I don’t try them. It is a fascinating world online. More on that later. Feels good to get back on here. More to come soon, I hope 🙂

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