July 15th 2002 I started a job. September 29th 2014 I decided to put in my notice.

I was a huge ball of emotion. I just quit my job. October 31st will be the last day of the known. November 1st is the first day of the unknown.

12 plus years, almost half of my life I have spent at a company that kept me content, kept me employed but has kept me from chasing my dream job.

I have been afraid to step away from comfort. I have been afraid that I am not good enough for anything else. I have been afraid of failing. I have been afraid because I don’t know what the heck I want to do.

I have a constant passion for life, making it better, making people happy and providing people with the exact treatment they deserve. I have thrived in my job by building relationships with customers, with co-workers, with manufacturers.

So why am I stepping away from comfort? It is long overdue. I have feared letting go. I have feared the unknown.  Something finally clicked. If I continue to make excuses and wait to step away, I will always stay at this job. I will not move forward in the direction I want.
Now is my time.

Since my notice I have received an outpouring of support from every aspect of my life. It has made me realize my worth, my potential and that I have a crap load of people that support me. It has also shown me there is a lot out in this world that I can do. It may be silly that I don’t know exactly where I am going, or what I will do, but I am lucky enough to have a few things to focus on to keep my bank account afloat.

Last week was emotionally draining and emotionally fulfilling. I finally let go. I think this transition ultimately is bigger than just letting go of a job. It is letting go of a huge part of my past. Something that in general has continued to hold me back.

So you may think I am silly or crazy for letting go, but I think I am ready to go take on the world!


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