Music is my motivation 

One of my favorite parts about teaching yoga is I can use music to make the experience greater. Music can motivate and inspire. A great beat makes me want to squat lower, hold plank longer and push my students to their edge. Here is part of my latest playlist for yoga sculpt. (The beauty of spotify is I change my playlists weekly 😜)


One thought on “Music is my motivation 

  1. Music happens to motivate me. I on several occasions had people comment on the inspiring music I played. Then one day ( actually there were several over the years) It was said that the words distracted from the mind quieting that yoga……inspires.
    I also share in one of my guided meditations to imagine flowing water or a waterfall washing away… or rain, you get the picture. Not once but twice a person came to me and expressed the awful feeling that water represented to them. You just never know what makes people tic or toc, you cannot please everyone. Love the motivating playlist. Keep on kickin’ butt. I am going to crank up the music now.

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