You did that juice cleanse again?

I made it, day 3 of the cleanse. This time around has been much easier than last year, even with the temptations of bagels, Rice Krispie cupcakes and fajita kabobs! I did the pro cleanse this time from Juice so Good and I have noticed my tummy has felt very full this time around with all the greens in the pro cleanse! Also my teeth have felt less gritty than last time, bonus! 

I did eat some raw veggies and guacamole last night and it was just enough to help me realize how much I want to focus on clean eating (even though the bowl of chips was quite a temptation, did I mention the grilled chicken too) I actually was so full after the veggie snack that I only consumed 5 juices yesterday.  Thanks to my friend Jessie and her encouragement to say no to the chips! Glad I fought the temptation! 

I think I’m going to skip through this last day with flying colors and maybe even have a veggie treat again tonight! Glad my students,  Travis and Jessie  encouraged me to cleanse with them! It has been a great experience! 




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