I’m addicted to snacking

Day 4 of the Whole 30 had me realizing that I am addicted to snacking. If food is in front of me I want it. I work in an office that has a never ending selection of food on the table in the lunch room. Last week included bagels (with yummy cream cheese of course), leftover Chik-Fil-A, leftover Qdoba…not just one day, but 2, M&M’s and probably more that I’m forgetting to mention. I stayed away from it all, obviously. 

Needless to say I’ve noticed my snacking addiction merely based on what surrounded me but I couldn’t have it.  If nothing else after 30 days I may be more aware of not grabbing the food just cause it’s there. Phew. 

Now I’m on day 7. A whole week has passed and I’m feeling great. I’m feeling lighter yet strong, physically and mentally. I’m also feeling very strong willed. Saturday was super tough. I picked up a bartending shift and said no to ALOT of temptations (the pepper jack cheese is my major weakness, not to mention the pizza). Luckily I made it through the night and didn’t cave. (Not even on that after work drink OR a Red Bull) 

The cool thing about Whole 30 is that I am eating food that makes me feel full, makes me crave less and has me feeling satisfied and not sluggish. 

Go to’s on week one were:

Spaghetti Squash with homemade tomato sauce.

Eggs, spinach & Italian sausage. 

LaCroix. Must Have!


Of course I ate a lot of salads too, it’s amazing how perspective can change with just a few tweaks to my choices. Food prep is a must, and being conscious of how I fuel my body is making a huge difference every single day. 

Off to week 2…..

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