Mirror, mirror

A few days ago I got into a bit of a heated conversation with a person I have known for years. I kept myself pretty poised through it but I’m not gonna lie it stung a bit. Not because I cared about the words he said, but because it made me realize there are a ton of people in this world that are so insecure with their own issues they choose to belittle others. 

2 months ago I quit my full time, stable, 40+ hour a week job that I was pretty good at to pursue my passion of helping people get out of their own way and find the inner spark within to be better, stronger and more confident. I myself have struggled for years with loving the body I’m in. I found most of my struggles started when I went through a marriage and divorce at 21. I was constantly putting myself down and blaming myself for things I couldn’t control. At 26 I opened my eyes and came out of that dark place. My friend got my into running and then yoga. Little did I know it was that moment that changed everything. 

I am now full time teaching people how to be free of those feelings of not being good enough and feeling confident about their bodies through fitness. So back to why I’m writing this. The “friend” I mentioned earlier asked about the new business me and my friends have started and during the conversation he mentioned that he would never go to me for fitness advice because he would only talk to people that are in shape. You can imagine how my jaw dropped. I know I am not fitness model material (at this moment đŸ˜€), but I am on an incredible journey finding my perfect body. Let me tell you, I have never felt more confident about my body than I do now. 

Why I am writing this….if you are like me and you are trying to reach certain fitness goals, do not let people knock you down! Anyone who ever tries to hate on you is just merely showing you how they see themselves in the mirror. 

My hope for him is he wakes up and realizes everyone has their battles and more importantly everyone has their successes. Shine through your success and your battles will lessen. Be you and be confident with your self. For every hater there will be hundreds that believe in you.

“Be you. Set your fear on fire.”

If you want to learn more about the business I mentioned earlier check is out on the web: http://www.grit2gold.com or Instagram: grit2gold 

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