Where will the wind take you?

Two years ago my dear friend told me “You’re like the seed of a dandelion, stuck to the flower because it’s all you know. Let go and see where the wind takes you.”

So I did. I let go. I let go of relationships, I let go of dating. I decided to date myself and I decided to take leaps in life that were very scary and very unknown. But here I am reflecting and realizing she was more than right. Her words have changed my entire life.

I did all the things I was supposed to do growing up, high school sweetheart, college, work. Went the way of the corporate world. Sat at a desk for way too long and finally because of several friends, a lot of journaling and praying I found a place to go and to be me.  A place I could be weird  yet focused and driven. A place where I could help people see the magic inside them. There is really no secret to the success I’ve been seeing both in my work and in my personal life other than that I am focused on what I do best and what I am meant to do.
One thing I’ve learned is we all have a purpose in life. I’ve let go of the things I am bad at and I admit when something isn’t my strength. I say I don’t know when I don’t know and I stick to my words when I truly believe in something. I’ve become vulnerable, open and more confident in everyday life.

My point is, if you are NOT happy, DO SOMETHING to change that. People talk a lot of negative talk and say a lot they are going to do. But things don’t ever change until you decide to actually make the change. Today, grab a notebook, grab a pen and start writing down the things you want in your life. Start writing, start believing and let the wind take you.


One thought on “Where will the wind take you?

  1. Eight journals have recently gone up in smoke, that I have written in the last 30 years……My hopes, my dreams, my pains and prayers …..It is fun to glance through them… and let them go.15 more to go! Funny thing is so far my prayers for you have come to fruition……The power of journaling!
    Funny thing my friend Bayday said that to me ……Jules your like a “dried up dandelion” We laughed at the “choice” of words but what she meant was the seeds of your spirit blow into the wind and touch the hearts of many.
    Letting go is not easy…. I believe that sometimes you just cannot let go of what you think does not serve you, truth is there is great insight in the process of the pain and the struggles. That is the beauty of the Jesus story. Buddha taught how to be free from pain where Jesus showed us that there is pain in life, he showed us how to push through to rise again. It was gritty and sometimes not fun but I did and the Gold that was mined in the process is far more precious than diamonds……. My children! There is a saying I use as a team building facilitator, What works, what doesn’t, what now….. well, NOW it is time to DO SOMETHING! Something that I personally have not done for along, long time, I did what I thought I was suppose to, only backwards ( but thats how I roll)…..truthfully I did what I wanted but lost myself along the way. Getting lost was no accident as it has given me insight in how to better serve an up and coming trend in our culture. Far more serious than the obesity epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s which got me into the fitness in the first place.
    As the airline stew would say, “take care of yourself first so that you “can” help others” keep on inspiring, most importantly keep up with the self care… Thank you, Thank You!

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