i don’t diet

For months I’ve been wanting to sit down and write about nutrition. BUT I’m not an expert and I don’t feel like I have ground to talk about it so I have pushed it off.

What I do know is diets don’t work for me. SO, I don’t diet.

I’ve tried. I’ve failed. Sure I saw progress at first, but it wasn’t sustainable.

About 2 years ago I did the Whole 30. Strict. No sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol for 30 days. AND. I. SURVIVED. I did more than survive, I THRIVED.

What I learned is I don’t need to eat only Whole 30 approved meals/food to feel great and live, but what I did learn is my body is fueled by real food and I don’t need all the extra sugar and crap that is tossed into our American “diet”.

Most importantly I learned what works for me. I have learned balance. For most of us if we tell ourselves “no” to something we tend to fail quicker (at least I do). But if we focus on the “yes” we get to grow and change and become better versions of ourselves.

My best advice, find what works for you. Your body IS different than your friends, it’s different than mine and heck it might need to take a different route than what has worked for you in the past even. So make good choices for you. Workout, Fuel yourself well. Don’t deprive yourself. Don’t Diet, Just live.



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