i should be sleeping

My alarm is set for 3:45am, which means I should be in bed. But I am sitting here thinking about life and the amazing opportunities I have had over the last couple years.
The past year alone I have made a connection with so many new people, but I’ve also reconnected with people that continue to make a huge impact in my life.
May 2017 I made one of the scariest decisions and left my full time stable job for adventure in dreamland. I was very lucky that I was living with my friends James & Sasha who so graciously allowed me to be a basement dweller for far longer than I expected. It allowed me to clean up some debt, travel to Bali for a month, and to figure out how to survive by just coaching. I say ‘just’ coaching and it makes me smirk, because every day I get presented with an opportunity to hopefully change someones life. 
It’s funny because I get told often about the impact I am making for people, but for me I feel like the one who is being impacted so very greatly by all of you. Sometimes it is hard to believe this is my job. There are ups and downs like any other job, but at the end of the day I get to teach people to get rid of self doubt, stop focusing on their flaws, get stronger, get faster and see the kick ass person they are.
After a day that felt like a full moon hit I am sitting here reminded that life is freaking awesome and we can choose to feel crappy when shit hits the fan, OR we can choose to grow from it and become stronger.

I am choosing growth today – and DANG I’m excited for February, because it puts me one step closer to my super scary BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL I’ve set for 2019. Stay Tuned.

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