Wow, what a reminder losing someone can be to appreciate all that life has to give. If you have flipped on a radio, TV or scrolled through social media you have seen the impact Kobe Bryant has made on the world. I am not a huge basketball fan in general (I was more so as a child), but I have always been a fan of great athletes of my childhood that continue to inspire and continue to give others hope. I have been reflecting on my life a lot in this new year and the loss of Kobe and his daughter for some reason hit me hard yesterday. I actually spent most of my afternoon crying. I don’t even know Kobe or his daughter or his family, but I cried. I almost didn’t go to hockey because I felt like I couldn’t pull myself together.  I am 34, single and I often times feel really f’ing lonely.  For some reason hearing about this tragic accident made me big time reflect on this constant feeling of being alone that I have silently been struggling with.  I’ve written about it before and I know I have great family great friends and an infinite amount of people I get to inspire daily through work, but yet I still feel alone. Just yesterday I wrote to a friend that I just need to fill my cup more. I give so much that maybe I just don’t do enough to give back to myself. I worry too much, I focus on the wrong things, I scroll too much, I waste time on nonsense.

So here it is, my focus is changing. I am not going to work on being more present, I am going to be more present. I am not going to focus on how short life is, I am going to focus on how precious life is. I am going to embrace the good, I am going to learn from the bad, I am going to appreciate all the moments. Today I was listening to the podcast ‘On Purpose’ with Jay Shetty. Julianne Hough was a guest on the podcast and she said “to have joy in life, you must also experience sorrow”. What a great reminder that what I am feeling right now is normal, we all go through it.  It’s how we choose to come out of it that really matters. Reminders, little ones daily help all of us get through the storm. If you needed the reminder, here it is. If you don’t, pray for those of us that do.

Life is good, even with the bumps in the road. Embrace and keep your head up. Remind yourself it will all be okay.

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