ever notice your addiction to technology? we sit attached and controlled by what exists outside of us. what exists and tells us data about us. i am addicted to these things and it has burnt me up and made me feel lonely and sad.. i decided august 31st it was time to learn to detach.

baby steps.

slowly, i turned off notifications. slowly i took off my watch. slowly i am becoming unattached. i finished two of the three books i’ve been reading and i’m closing in on the last.

life is beautifully and utterly amazing when we just turn off for a moment. even better, i am discovering me again. not who people think i am or who they want me to be, but me. i am remembering my purpose that i have been in search of for the past year. here i am. i am a work in progress, but i am ready to make things happen and i am ready to help you do the same.

stay tuned.

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