I just got my butt kicked!! Boxing anyone?? Plus check out a new recipe below!

For the last two years I have been working on my yoga practice. I love the intensity of the vinyasa, hot and sculpt classes I take, not to mention I love the heat. Recently I have noticed boxing studios have been popping up everywhere. I have always wanted to box, mostly because I think i’m tough, but also because for as long as I can remember we have had a punching bag in my parents garage and I never really knew how to use it.

First off, I have learned in some yoga sculpt classes I have taken that I am not the most coordinated when it comes to punching/boxing. This is surprising as I was in tae kwon do through my younger years (Green belt, blue stripe….hold your applause please) so you would think I would find some sort of punching/kicking coordination, so not true!!! In order to find some coordination I have decided that I really want to seek out boxing and kickboxing classes because I love the cardio aspect and how something so simple (yea simple, ha) can increase your heart rate and burn some major calories.

I decided to peel myself out of bed at 5am and made myself go to the 6am boxing class. It was intense, sweaty, I swear it felt 3 hours long, but in just one short hour I can admit I just might be addicted to throwing on some gloves and punching the bag. Finally I might really get some use out of the one in my parents garage. So my challenge is to go do something different this week, something you’ve always wanted to do but you have let every excuse stop you. You might just find a new hobby.

On a yummy note…..

Sunday night I decided to get creative with the fresh basil I had from the farmers market. I originally got it to put in spaghetti and because it just smelled so good. I decided to make my own pesto with it.

I’ll admit it tastes way better than any store bought pesto I have had and it was SO simple to make!


Handful of Almonds

2 cups Fresh Basil

3 medium sized garlic cloves

1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste

I used my ninja blender to make my pesto. First I put the almonds in and blended them until they were completely chopped, but not a paste. Then I added the basil leaves. This is when it started to look like pesto. I added in the garlic and blended a little more. Then I slowly added in the olive oil. I added half at first, blended, then added the other half. Last I added the Parmesan cheese. That was it. I did add a very small amount of salt and pepper. I think you could go with or without it.

To accompany the pesto I made some noodles (Market Pantry(Target) – gluten free) and added grilled shrimp!

A tasty and healthy dinner!!! Yum!