Inner child

When I was younger I constantly rearranged my room. Whether it was my bed, dresser, pictures on the wall, something was always changing. As I have gotten older things have moved less. Call it being more content, or maybe less time in my room to get bored of the arrangment.  Over the last week the little kid has come back out in me. I don’t know if I should blame pinterest or the shift in my own mindset the last couple months. Either way, I was feeling less content in the space I occupy, so I decided it was time for change.

I just moved over the summer, so the way my apartment is arranged is fairly new anyway, but I wan’t feeling the energy. I needed something more welcoming, something that felt inviting and whimsical. I often read about different ideas of creating a Feng Shui space. Feng Shui  is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment.  It is thought that creating a good Feng Shui environment can bring your room (in this case bedroom) into a better harmonious flow of energy, both nourishing and sensual.

Last night it started. I bought new curtains for my room and white Christmas lights.  I used to always have colorful Christmas lights or rope lighting in my room when I was younger, so I thought why not bring that type of lighting back, but in a more grown up way. Thank you to pinterest for the idea of mixing the white lights with my curtains to make a very fairy-tale like environment.   I also decided I wanted to move my bed in front of the window, rather than the wall it is against now. I began to move it and immediately felt unsure about my decision. So there my bed sat (and is still sitting) in the middle of the room. I am just not quite sure yet if I like it there. Either way, as all rearranging goes, I got distracted by my closet. I have a very unpleasing to the eye drawer set in my bedroom that I decided would look better in the closet, so after digging into the back hollows of my closet and pulling out all of my shoes I am starting to feel much better about not only my closet arrangement, but my room arrangement! (no more eye sore).

This is just the beginning of what is to come. But let’s just say the inner child and the adult in me is harmoniously coming together and enjoying the change. I even slept really well last night (which hasn’t been the case lately).  My bed is still in the middle of the room, but maybe I brought about a new energy with this arrangement.

More to come, and I will post pictures of how it all comes together!